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Lower your carbon emissions

Would you like to report lower carbon emissions and save money on your energy supply?

Whatever the size of your business, demonstrating your renewable energy credentials shows a positive commitment to sustainable values.

By choosing a low-carbon energy supplier for your gas and electricity you can;

Reduce your carbon footprint

Report zero emissions in many cases

Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals

Enhance your reputation with customers and stakeholders

Energy Providers such as SSE Green and EDF Energy Blue for Business are both suppliers of renewable, low-carbon, electricity, generated by wind and hydro assets. At ADSI we can assist you in getting one of these providers on board at the right price for your usage.

Two great benefits with this are;

Low-carbon electricity supply comes at no extra cost to you. It’s not priced at a premium, just a competitive price along with standard energy supply. We negotiate the best price for your supply for you.

Processes comply with the stringent carbon reporting requirements, so you can credibly measure and report zero emissions from purchased electricity – certainly something to shout about! Plus, you will usually be provided with low-carbon certificate and logo to promote your values to customers.

Half of businesses nowadays who sell to consumers feel that their sustainability credentials are important to customers. By choosing a low-carbon supply your organisation shows it is aware of the carbon intensity of the power it buys and is consistent with recommended standards and guidance in carbon accounting – a step in the right direction.

Interested but not sure where to start?

Just give our energy team a call on 01268 495555 or email  to power your business up…

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